Pennsylvania Carbon Tax Debate

Carbon Tax is a phrase that has quietly been uttered for nearly a decade. According to the Carbon Tax Center, it is a fee to use energy sourced from coal, oil, and natural gas.

Vehicle Electrification - How Long Until Combustion Engine Cars are Phased Out?

Vehicle electrification. It’s coming, but the question is: when? Everyone already knows about Tesla. General Motors has pledged that it will exclusively sell electric vehicles by 2035 and Ford plans on going all-electric in Europe by 2030 in addition to other major automakers pivoting towards electric vehicles.

Energy Buying Basics for Businesses

Energy is the key that allows businesses to accomplish great things. It powers hospitals, manufacturing, schools, and everything in between. However, the cost of this power can hinder how much a business can grow if it’s not controlled. By knowing the basics of energy procurement, you can make informed decisions to reduce your energy costs.
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