Our Story

I’m Jake Maruschok – Husband, Army Veteran, Energy Engineer, and Owner of Tenergy LLC. By utilizing my expertise on improving energy performance and energy purchasing, I have saved over $2,000,000/year on utility bills – both in the industrial and residential sectors. I started Tenergy LLC because throughout my professional career I could never get a straight answer from other energy “consultants” who were either trying to sell their own products or ignore facility needs in order to make a buck. Time, money, and peace of mind are all things that nobody can get enough of. Our Total Energy Solutions can help you get back more of each.

I mean it when I say Tenergy LLC is the only energy expert providing Total Energy Solutions to sustainably-minded leaders. Our sustainability pillars – Save Energy. Cut Emissions. Save Money – support our mission to help your business and home eliminate waste and free your cash. With Tenergy LLC, you are getting one dedicated consultant whose goal is to help you reach all of your energy performance and sustainability goals. Since we are not partnered with any suppliers in the energy industry, all our recommendations are unbiased and only proposed to help you on your sustainability journey.

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