What is the easiest way to save on energy costs?

Lowering your rates is the easiest way to save money. Tenergy LLC has saved clients over 60% on their energy rates!

What is a Certified Energy Manager® (CEM®)?

A CEM® is an expert who is able to optimize the energy performance of a facility, piece of equipment, and anything in between in a cost-effective manner. This certification is awarded through the Association of Energy Engineers.

What is a Certified Energy Procurement Professional® (CEP®)?

A CEP® is a special recognition to professionals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and ethics in regards to purchasing and selling electricity and natural gas. This certification is awarded through the Association of Energy Engineers.

Do you sell any energy related products?

No! Tenergy LLC is an unbiased energy consultant that provides Total Energy Solutions to meet our clients’ needs in the most cost-effective way.

Should my business consider ISO 50001?

Yes! Businesses following ISO 50001 have been proven to be more energy efficient and profitable. ISO 50001 ‘Ready’ is a designation that does not require certification costs or 3rd party audits. The ‘Ready’ designation means your business is following the ISO 50001 guidelines.

What is the difference between LEED and ENERGY STAR?

In short, LEED focuses on reducing environmental impacts while ENERGY STAR focuses on energy efficiency.

If I can’t install wind or solar, can I still go green?

Yes! You can take advantage of Renewable Energy Credits (REC) to reach your emission goals.

Is my property suitable for wind or solar?

Wind turbines require a minimum average wind speed of 10 mph just to get turning. The higher the average wind speed, the more electricity the turbine can generate.
The best solar sites are south facing, unobstructed, and flat for ground mount systems. For rooftop systems, the roof should be south facing and free of obstruction that would cast a shadow.

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