Our Mission

Save Energy. Cut Emissions. Save Money. Tenergy LLC’s mission is to provide total energy solutions that reduce waste and increase profitability for our customers.  We are able to provide these results by combining experience with a continuous quest for knowledge. Certified Energy Managers® and Certified Energy Procurement Professionals® continually lead the energy industry by combining these attributes.

  • Certified Energy Manager®: Optimizes facility and process energy performance by using mechanical and electrical knowledge to reduce energy consumption in the most cost effective approach.
  • Certified Energy Procurement Professional®: Applies principles of energy management and procurement to ethically purchase, sell, or market electricity and natural gas.

Total Energy Solutions

Whether you are establishing performance baselines, attempting LEED or Energy Star Certification, or looking to go green, Tenergy LLC is your resource to accomplish your sustainability goals.

  • Energy Studies: Assessment of an entire facility, a single process, or anything in between to determine energy performance and offer solutions to reduce energy consumption. A typical energy study consists of energy bill reviews, staff interviews, and on-site facility assessments. Energy studies are concluded with a report on findings and  cost effective solutions to improve energy performance.
  • Project Management: Full turn-key service from quoting to commissioning. During this process, we work with all of your stakeholders to determine appropriate returns on investments, ergonomics, and scheduling. Upon project completion, the results are measured and verified.
  • Electricity and Natural Gas Purchasing: Review energy bills for each month as well as over 15 minute intervals where applicable to determine your loads throughout the year. Price comparisons, purchasing strategies, and potential of on/off-site renewables are analyzed.
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